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Lokayurved's Ayurveda based corona prevention in news flash

Prestigious lions club and rotary club at Maharashtra join hands with Lokayurved for Dry Ginger Corona Prevention Therapy awareness and distribution to Police Officers.


Lions club Mumbai distributing Dry Ginger packets to Maharashtra Police at Boiser Police Station for corona Prevention


Dr. Hitesh Jani on Abtak Media


Dry Ginger Distribution in Karnataka for the Police Officers

  • To prevent the transmission of corona in PGVCL, a program organized by "Anjar AGVKS Parivar" in association with Atmanirbhar Charitable Trust. Guidance on the use of "Ginger" twice a day to prevent coronary infection and boost the immunity of the staff as well as every office. All staff friends, all line staff friends, contractor friends, security staff all came to distribute packets of "Ginger" to all staff In this work Anjar Circle Office, Anjar Divisional Office, Anjar City Sub Division, Anjar Rural 1 Sub Division, Anjar Village

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Clinical Trial for Ayurvedic Medicine in India Read More


Corona Prevention therapy using Dry Ginger Powder Seminar for Police and Their Family in Jetpur


All India Radio National news regarding Dry ginger therapy across the country in Hindi

This brochure also available on Rashtriye Kamdhenu Aayog, Govt. of India, Facebook page


Corona Virus: Controversy Care & Cure


Lokayurved creator Dr. Hitesh Jani on VTV News


Lokayurved creator Dr. Hitesh Jani on All India Radio Broadcast Regarding Dry Ginger Corona Preventive Therapy


Lokayurved creator Dr. Hitesh Jani on DD News Regarding Dry Ginger Therapy


Dr. Hitesh Jani (Lokayurved) Inteview on MySamachar

Gujarat Cows panchagavya ayurvedic medicine for cure the coronavirus Click Here


Lokayurved creator Dr. Hitesh Jani on VTV News Click Here


Lokayurved creator Dr. Hitesh Jani News in famous Malyalam Mathrubhumi Newspaper regarding covid-19 management with Ayurveda Panchgavya


Dainik Hindkush (Madhya Pradesh)


Nobat News Paper (Gujarat)


Akila News Paper (Gujarat)


Gujarat Samachar News Paper (Gujarat)


S9 News (Gujarat)

GTV News (Gujarat)

CISF posted at Bhuj Airport using Lokayurved Covid-19 Ayurveda Dry Ginger Preventive therapy

Dr. Subhamangala Acharya (Lokayurved) Bangalore, Karnataka

Dr. Devchand Gala (Lokayurved) Mumbai, Maharashtra

  • Lokayurved founder Vaidya Hitesh Jani ji with the collector office personal and community leaders of Jungleshwar, Rajkot hotspot corona area after the success of 7 days of Ayurveda preventive dry ginger therapy. Covid-19 Ayurveda dry ginger Preventive therapy started at 30th April to 7th April at Jungleshwar (street no 21 to 31 with 25 Covid-19 cases) which is Hotspot area, with at Rajkot. We are happy that after this 7 days of Ayurveda Preventive Dry Ginger therapy, no new positive case of Covid-19 has been observed, which is a great sign of success to prevent Covid-19 and to prevent it spread further.

Dry Ginger Powder Distribution, Mumbai


Dry Ginger Powder Therapy, Zee 24 Kalal


Dry Ginger Powder Preventive Drive, CISF, Ahmedabad & Rajkot Airports

Dry Ginger Powder Distribution, CISF, Ahmedabad & Rajkot Airports

Webinar Regarding COVID19 on 16-05-2020

Webinar on Covid19

Webinar for CISF posted at India's largest Shipping port, Kandla Port ,Kutch ,Gujarat on how to prevent corona using Ayurveda Dry ginger therapy

Webinar done on 20.05.20 for CISF posted at Vadodara Airport, Gujarat on how to prevent corona using Ayurveda Dry ginger therapy

Webinar and Dry Ginger distribution done on 11.05.20 for CISF posted at Rajkot Airport, Gujarat on how to prevent corona using Ayurveda Dry ginger therapy

Dry Ginger distribution along with awareness drive done on 18.05.20 for CISF posted at Bhuj Airport,Gujarat on how to prevent corona using Ayurveda Dry ginger therapy

Dry Ginger distribution done on 12.05.20 for CISF posted at Ahemedabad Airport,Gujarat on how to prevent corona using Ayurveda Dry ginger therapy


Lokayurved dry ginger formula supported by Bharat Vikas Parishad, Kutch

Lokayurved-dry-ginger-formula-supported-by-Bharat-Vikas-Parishad, Kutch

Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh (HSS), Canada with Lokyurved Organized Corona Preventive Webinar


Received a letter of appreciation from Pooja Education Institute


Webinar by LokAyurved on 23.05.20 for CISF posted at Bhopal Airport, Madhya Pradesh, on how to prevent corona using Ayurveda Dry ginger therapy

LokAyurved Ayurveda Preventive therapy for corona reached North East also. Kokila Vikas Ashram, Assam doing Dry Ginger distribution along with brochure.