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Vaidya Hitesh Jani

  • World Renowned Ayurvedacharya

Lokayurved is a concept given by Vaidya Hitesh Jani, Ex Principal and HoD Panchkarma, Gujarat Ayurved University, with the thought that the role of vaidya is just not only to cure the human being but also to prevent and promote wellness in the society. The same thought was of our ancient Rushi's who always worked for the wellness of mankind and given us ayurved in textual form. Presently, he is holding various prestigious Government and Non Government Positions.

Born on April 06, 1960 in a Gujarati core brahmin family, gave him by default birth right to study and understand Vedic scriptures very quickly. With the strong vision to bring back people from illness to wellness through ancient science, He became an ayurvedic doctor from India’s First Ayurveda University in Jamnagar.

Hitesh Jani

It is well known that in Gujarat, Jamnagar is historically and exclusively devoted place for Ayurveda studies and research. This is mainly due to its first and oldest Gujarat Ayurved University, which was founded with the solitary purpose of reorganization of Ayurveda in India, before independence, by the Royal family of Jamnagar. Jamnagar also has long list of renowned Ayurvedic physicians like Zandu Bhattji, Rasa Vaidya Bavabhai Achalji and Vaidya C.P.Shuklaji.

"Now it is almost more than 3 decades, in which he has treated thousands of patients’ worldwide suffering from lifestyle disorders through Classical Ayurveda."

Naadi Parikshan

At present, we have Vaidya Hitesh Jani ji , who is direct disciple of Vaidya C.P. Shukla ji , and he is trying to take its Guru’s mission one step higher by doing extensive promotional Ayurveda wellness awareness work in India. Vaidya Hitesh Jani is world renowned Ayurvedacharya and famed speaker and received various National and International awards for Ayurveda Awareness. With the social motive of spreading wellness, he has given this LokAyurved concept to the society. The core implementer, who is working very closely to develop this entire concept along with Dr. Jani is Ms. Shyampriyaa, an industry experienced IT & Project Engineer from Chandigarh. Along with that, the entire LokAyurved team consisting of doctors and Engineers and other field experts from all over India is also working under his guidance to support and execute concept activities.

In 2007, he got International Excellence Award for Ayurveda, Singapore for his contribution to promote Ayurveda. In 2012, Swargiya Moropant Pingade -Gauseva Puraskar, for Gauvigyan Research. In 2017, Gauchaturmas Award, Awarded by Pujya Shankracharyaji, Raghveshwar Bharti Saraswati

We are lucky to have such kind and knowledgeable vaidya in present era also, who work so much for mankind wellness along with cure. Jamnagar University people used to call him as "Moving encyclopedia of Ayurved".

Last but not the least, his efforts and optimism to strengthen Ayurveda as a wellness manual with preventive directives is commendable and given birth to Lokayurved.

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